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July 19, 2009


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Chad Wilson

All I can do is sigh, and tell you that I totally understand why you are frustrated...unable to keep good staff at a small hospital in rural Africa is a major problem. I worked at a hospital with it's own shool of nursing in rural Kenya, and we STILL could not keep good nurses on the wards. They all wanted to move to Nairobi or Mombasa or some other better paying more exciting locale.
I just wanted to offer some encouragement to you and Ara, as you continue to serve there. Nothing done in good faith is in vain. It may seem like your attempts to salvage that young girl are in vain if her malnutrition and fistulas do not allow her to recover physically, but you have provided something very important. People see that you stayed late after a long clinic and took on a difficult and not very rewarding case. Sometimes, I think demonstrating that commitment to services is the most important thing we bring to a hospital. Maybe one of the nurses, techs, or medical officers has taken note, or maybe that girls family will believe that "everything" possible was done for their girl, and even if they lose her, will have more peace of mind.
I have seen some amazing collateral benefits of our work even when the primary outcome is disappointing. HAng in there, and continue to give it your all.
(Ara, will tell you who I am)

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